Movers & Makers


Learning through unstructured play. This program focuses on creative play and exploration.

Suitable for children 1-5 years.

Every child will be offered a piece of fresh fruit after each session.

Term 4 Themes:

October, November, December

Underwater World
Outer Space

Commitment to Quality and Safety

All our play equipment and learning tools are specially sourced to meet strict safety criteria. We’re committed to only using great quality, environmentally friendly products, to save you time and worry. 

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An engaging play-based learning experience. This program supports ongoing exploration through sensory play. Children will be welcomed and encouraged to build on their fine and gross motor skills, through ball play, balance, singing and more. The second part of this program supports ongoing exploration through creative sensory play, exploring the imagination, manipulating objects, messy play, sensorial development and intellectual growth. These activities build emotional development and help improve social interaction in small and large groups.

Parents join their children during these activities and play an active role in their child’s learning. Our inclusive and friendly atmosphere makes all adults and children feel welcome. Children will love our “mess” stations where they can play and create to their heart’s content – and the best part is we take care of the mess.

Our educational program includes three themes per term and new weekly activities to ensure children are engaged and continue to build on their learning and development.

Age Groups

All of our activities, whether fine motor, gross motor, music & movement, messy play or art & craft, are appropriate for children under 6. 

Whether your baby is wriggling, rolling, crawling or walking, there are plenty of sensory play, messy play, art and movement opportunities to explore and enjoy. Babies and toddlers love to explore by putting everything in their mouths, so we ensure everything used is safe and non-toxic. 

Children of different ages and stages will engage in the same activity, but at a different level. While your baby may simply delight in squeezing slime between his fingers, your pre-schooler may create an intricate narrative with the characters and treasures submerged in the slime. Our classes are designed to engage all children, both physically and intellectually, while allowing them to explore creatively in a largely unstructured play environment. 

Learning Opportunities

Young children learn actively. The more they move – use their senses, get their hands on things, interact with other kids, create, invent – the more they learn. Play is the engine of human growth, as universal as walking and talking. It’s the way children build ideas and how they make sense of their experiences and feel safe. 

With this in mind, we use play to help children develop. Movers & Makers activities provide opportunities for children to develop self-regulation, stretch their problem-solving abilities, increase their social and emotional competence, and build their imagination, initiative, curiosity and original thinking skills. These capabilities are crucial to their success in school and life. 

Our Movers & Makers program follows three themes per term, focusing on literacy, numeracy, art & craft, music & movement, and physical development, all through play. The specialised program is inclusive to all children and the multitude of learning styles they have.

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